This page is dedicated to my work on the history of theatre activities in the Greenlandic context. Not all my material will be published here, but rather I try to give an overview of interesting findings and activities connected to this work. Hence this page might seem a bit messy. The goal is ultimately to establish an archive on the Greenlandic theatre history in Greenland. But there are also possibilities for other ways of presenting parts of this work. If you have any information, questions, comments or material you think would be interesting in this project I appreciate all input on this matter.  


When I say that I am interested in the Greenlandic theatre history the most common reaction is; “what history?” Hence I have started an initiative to collect and reflect upon this concealed aspect of Greenlandic history and identity. Because, no matter if people ask this question out of an assumption that Greenland is too young a nation (yes not even a nation) to have a history of theatre, or out of curiosity and they simply are unaware of the importance theatre has played in the negotiation of identity and politics leading Greenland to where it is today. But maybe just as important;  the international impact of Greenlandic theatre has been of great importance, then I am especially thinking of Tuukkaq Theatre that was a forerunner and an important promoter of the idea of an indigenous theatre.